1. 100 Years on... Brian's Weekly Rubbish
    06 Aug, 2017
    100 Years on... Brian's Weekly Rubbish
    Hi Everyone This week was the 100th anniversary of the World War 1 battle of Passchendaele in Belgium. It was remembered with a wonderful and moving commemorative ceremony at the Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery. The battle was infamous not only for the casualties but also for the mud. The battle lasted over 100 days claiming 325,000 allied and 260,000 casualties. In the final two weeks of the battle 4.5 million shells were fired from 3000 guns and still the Allied forces failed to
  2. How quickly the world changes...
    30 Jul, 2017
    How quickly the world changes...
    Hi Everyone it is hard to believe that I started work over 60 years ago and how much the world of work has changed since then. We worked long hours in a rigid five and a half day week, had too few holidays and if you wanted to further your career you had to go to night school which I did for five years for three or four nights each week. In addition, for part of that time, I was married to Dot with a new house.  Mr Mcmillan came to the works front desk every second Tuesday at 11-10am give or