A little about the world I live in.
My name is Brian Mate. I was born in Stoke on Trent, England and now live just outside the city. I am married to Dot and have two children and three grandchildren. 
I started writing my Weekly Rubbish in the form of an email to a group of my family and friends in October 2016 and now after some encouragement from my son, I decided to publish my weekly musings to a wider audience. 

I am very clear about my objectives, to inform, to comment, to tell stories about my life but most of all to entertain and amuse from a smile to laugh out loud. 

So who am I? Well, my father was in the First World War in 1918 and I was born at a fruit and vegetable shop so that gives you a clue to my age. I love music and in particular, jazz, books, the theatre, travel and Stoke City.  I spent my working life in the Construction industry as a Surveyor, Estimator, Building company owner, Project Manager and Building Consultant. 

I am now very busy being retired and thought that someone out there might be interested in my life, my family and above all my humour.
The characters in my blog
I usually start with my Weekly Rubbish with comments about one of the week's events followed by mainly funny stories about my family or working life.

To date, the main characters are 'the vegetable, fruit, flower, lolly and game shop' which was my home until I married Dot in 1960.

The shop was owned by 'the senior partner (or thought she was) who was tight with money') - my mother and 'the anything for a quiet life junior partner'-my dad.

In the early 1960s I worked for a building company with two partners 'the fruneral (he could not say the word funeral) director' and 'the bricklayer of dubious ability'.

I am sure that other characters will emerge as I tell my stories.

I also love ice cream so 'the two scoop tub' makes a regular appearance.

I usually finish my Rubbish with something, again to make you laugh which probably gives you some clue about my character and my sometimes cynical view of the world.

I try not to be too political although it is obviously all around us but I do offer thoughts and comments to hopefully provide an alternative view.

All my stories are events that actually happened, I do not do fake news.

Oh and by the way I always refer to myself as 'just approaching middle age'.

Read on and enjoy.


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